Forget trying to figure heights from that picture, but can
by BabaGhanouj (2017-07-06 12:23:36)
Edited on 2017-07-07 17:51:12
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  In reply to: MIght be camera angle...  posted by 2Domer

anyone figure out:

1) Why everyone except Mychal and Mikayla are wearing long pants and sweats? It's summer in a hot kitchen for crying out loud! Is Marta Scechura, Sports Nutritionist (thanks Domer99, FA), with the short sleeves the only one who's ever been in a kitchen before and understands cooking requires heat?

2) What the heck are all those wires hanging from the ceiling? If those are electrical plugs, what kind of crazy contraptions will be handling the food. Perhaps this kitchen is a ruse for some sort of robotic contest or physics lab that requires ubiquitous power sources.

3) Is this the first time Muffet has been in a kitchen? (Or is this really and high energy physics lab?)

4) Have we ever seen Mikayla not clothed in a stylish dress? The picture that 2Domer may be referring to had Patterson in sweats and Vaughn in a summer fashion dress with possible heals. Is she registered in ND's School of Haute Couture?


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