Are We Talking About During College? If So, Here's a Team
by dillon77 (2017-07-01 08:20:27)
Edited on 2017-07-01 19:23:25
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  In reply to: Jewell  posted by westsideirish

If "during" college, I agree with Westside that not having that 4th year at ND keeps Jewell from being the "top" consideration.

Like many others, I don't think at lot of the G.O.A.T title because there are so many elements to consider, from individual stats and teamwork to individual and/or team accomplishments. Heck, even what that person did for the program both while she was there and after (in terms of raising profile and drawing other good players).

After mulling on this for a bit and a bit of looking at archives to help my memory, I'll offer this roster for "Highest Impact/Achievers, both Individually and for the Team."

- Skylar Diggins
- Ruth Riley
- Jewell Loyd
- Beth Morgan
- Katryna Gaither (She is only one of the three players in school history to have scored over 2,000 points.Hard to separate her from Beth. They were a serious. 1-1a punch.)
- Niele Ivey, who stage directed the National Championship team.
- Kayla McBride. Super solid and got better every year.
- Alicia Ratay (Singularly the best outside shooter who ever played at ND and the missing link to that championship lineup.)
- Megan Duffy (Really gritty, versatile and smart.)
- Natalie Achonwa. (Winner. Great team player and leader.)

Other absolutely top-notchers....
- Jacquline Batteast (drmurray's pick for a Top Ten)
- Natalie Novosel (Just mention her name on The Boneyard still and it throws the earth off its axis)
- Lindsay Allen. (One of those players who will appreciated even more when she's gone.)
- Dev Peters. (Not for her scoring or even rebounding(which was fine), but for her consistent inside presence and knowing how she fit into the scheme.)
- Madison Cable. (An exceptionally fine overall athlete, who could play defense, pass, shoot and rebound well for a guard. And grit?

As for post-ND...

- Jewell should be the best when all is said and done and is off to a great start.
- Ruth had a stellar career (pro, world and Olympic championships)
- Skylar. The injury has hurt but she looks to be back big time.
- Kmac. Won a big title in Turkey and has been an all-star.


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