Have Not Heard Much on Dara, but some recent fodder...
by dillon77 (2017-06-29 18:45:55)
Edited on 2017-06-30 06:52:24
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  In reply to: No, I don't think Dara will be heading to Ann Arbor. They  posted by Fighting_Artichoke

..suggests she is interested in the ACC, ND or not. And since we're coming into the "dead zone" of July, what's wrong with a bit of conjecture?

The first ACC school that springs to mind outside South Bend is the University of Miami. Older sister Michaela has had two solid stints with Coach Katie Meier (playing for on a national team and working for her) and I could see that connection helping to open the door with Dara.

Usually, you can see Shore Conference players migrate up to Boston College, but that situation is really tenuous and don't think it will continue one the coach's contract is (nearly) up.

And, just top of mind, another ACC school that is losing top guards after this season is the dreaded four-letter word in Durham, NC. I believe Duke was very interested in both of the older sisters....

Switching to the BiG and Michigan, I agree with FA totally. Plus, I think one of the draws there would've been Megan Duffy, who coached the guards, but she, of course, is now at the other Miami, along with -- well -- her older sister, Coach Mike. But I can't see her being a primary target for either side...Dara's a P5 player. Maybe Northwestern?

But, having said that -- could see her being a big (albeit slightly undersized) fish at a somewhat smaller athletic conference. Ivy Leagues?

And lastly, one more thought: boy, I could see her lighting it up for Doug Bruno and DePaul.


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