2017 Women's ACC/ Big10 Challenge Games Are Set
by RISteve (2017-06-28 10:55:09)
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Per Raoul: link below

ND vs Michigan on 11/29

Marina Mabrey vs Katelynn Flaherty (former HS Teammates will be an interesting sub plot)

Thx. A Few Other Points
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The ND Release had some good background.

"Notre Dame is the only team undefeated all-time in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge, winning each of its four contests since joining the league for the 2013-14 season. The ACC has never lost the event, recording a 7-0-3 record in the overall challenge and a 71-51 mark in individual contests with the Irish contributing victories over Penn State (2013), Maryland (2014), Ohio State (2015) and Iowa (2016)."

- Michigan won the Women's NIT last year, led -- as usual -- by Katelynn Flaherty who is an amazing long-range shooter. Don't be surprised if you see Marina and/or Mychal Johnson trailing her all over the court.

- Their other major returner is center Hallie Thome, who averaged 16.1 ppg and 7.1 rebounds per game. This will be a good test for our frosh posts, Mikayla Vaughn and/or Danielle Patterson. Thome can go back to basket and has a pretty fair medium-range jumper. She'll hit the boards, too.

- Interestingly, Leigh Torbin's ND press release listed the Irish as having four returning starters, including Brianna Turner. Don't know if this is pro forma, wishful thinking or if there's good news on that rehab front (although it seems early). In any case, I've included the link.

Should be a good early season match-up.

I believe that the four returning starters mention
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in the release was pro forma. Nine to twelve months is the normal rehab time for ACL surgery. I think that the best hope for Brianna's return will be the beginning of the ACC season.

Do you think that Michigan will be a strong option for Dara Mabrey?

No, I don't think Dara will be heading to Ann Arbor. They
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have 3 commits in the 2018 class, and all are guards, with only 1 a large guard:

Danielle Rauch 5'8" PG
Amy Dilk 5'9" PG
Ariel Young 6'0" SG

Have Not Heard Much on Dara, but some recent fodder...
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..suggests she is interested in the ACC, ND or not. And since we're coming into the "dead zone" of July, what's wrong with a bit of conjecture?

The first ACC school that springs to mind outside South Bend is the University of Miami. Older sister Michaela has had two solid stints with Coach Katie Meier (playing for on a national team and working for her) and I could see that connection helping to open the door with Dara.

Usually, you can see Shore Conference players migrate up to Boston College, but that situation is really tenuous and don't think it will continue one the coach's contract is (nearly) up.

And, just top of mind, another ACC school that is losing top guards after this season is the dreaded four-letter word in Durham, NC. I believe Duke was very interested in both of the older sisters....

Switching to the BiG and Michigan, I agree with FA totally. Plus, I think one of the draws there would've been Megan Duffy, who coached the guards, but she, of course, is now at the other Miami, along with -- well -- her older sister, Coach Mike. But I can't see her being a primary target for either side...Dara's a P5 player. Maybe Northwestern?

But, having said that -- could see her being a big (albeit slightly undersized) fish at a somewhat smaller athletic conference. Ivy Leagues?

And lastly, one more thought: boy, I could see her lighting it up for Doug Bruno and DePaul.

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I believe Katelynn Flaherty is on the cusp of becoming the all-time leading scorer in Michigan history. She is over 2000 points entering her senior season, so she will be a handful for The Irish in this game.

One more item to contemplate as you watch this game: Just envision Flaherty, Marina and Michaela Mabrey on the same high school basketball team. Three high D-1 players on the same girls high school team is not something you see every day. Of course, they rolled to a state and Tournament of Chsmpions title. Impressive group.

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