Some context would be nice inside the article
by cbiebel (2017-06-26 02:58:12)
Edited on 2017-06-26 03:00:20
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  In reply to: Boley et al article on this gen. Women athletes attitudes  posted by NOBBYDOMER

Nearly 60 percent of high school students say they expect to get a graduate degree — when just 9 to 10 percent actually will.And 47 percent of Division I women’s basketball players think it’s at least “somewhat likely” they will play professional or Olympic ball, but the reality? The WNBA drafts just 36 players, 0.9 percent.

How does this compare to the past? Kids coming out of HS have usually had higher expectations until the college experience hits them in the face.

Ten to twenty years ago how many Div 1A Football players coming out of HS thought they had a chance at playing in the NFL? How about Men's Basketball and the NBA?

Edit: Also, how much of this is the fault of the kids and how much is the fault of "helicopter parents?"


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