Truly, this is the best working link I've ever seen!
by BabaGhanouj (2017-06-25 17:40:20)
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  In reply to: Boley et al article on this gen. Women athletes attitudes  posted by NOBBYDOMER

No thanks to me, but thanks to NDoggie (if I remember correctly), you've taken up fishing and probably provide fish for your whole village. I wouldn't be surprised if you have become a fishing instructor to boot! (Easy does it.)

Now as far as the content of the link, I also agree with you and 2Domer, and, like 2Domer, I relate so well to the article (as my mother says, "Oh, just buck up! Don't be such a wimp.") that I know it can't be the complete explanation. Life is tough, no matter how tough you try to be. We all need a little luck.

I hope all transfers from Notre Dame get lucky.


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