I live in CT and saw ACL's in the UCONN WBB team
by TerryND83 (2017-03-20 16:55:11)
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All of them ended up screaming in pain when they broke their ACL just like Anchonwa did. And they needed assistance to get off the floor. Brianna was able to slowly walk off the floor. I could not see pain in her face when she sat on the bench. I bet she had a knee brace under her warm up pants.

In a game I watched a few years ago, there was a WBB player on a team I can't remember. She broke her ACL but she did not feel the severe pain that other WBB felt when they broke their ACL. She finished playing the game, I think, but her knee started to feel wobbly towards the end of the game. After the game they did an MRI and found the ACL had broken.

It's very possible Brianna strained or sprained her knee. She landed awkwardly and could have stressed the side knee ligaments more than the ACL. It's amazing how intricate and vulnerable our bodies are.


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