If they run the normal offense...
by Cavanaugh82 (2017-03-20 08:57:34)
Edited on 2017-03-20 08:59:09
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  In reply to: ND got too passive with 10 pt lead  posted by NDFANOK57

and shoot (and miss) with 20s on the shot clock or turn the ball over we would be criticizing them for giving Purdue too many opportunities.

I didn't mind them trying to minimize the number of possessions given that they did not have one of their most efficient offensive weapons, one of their more reliable players was sitting with 4 fouls, and a Koko had already turned the ball over and committed offensive fouls a few times (I think they called a foul on her when she checked in at the scorer's table).

Where I think the strategy was flawed was that they were willing to do absolutely nothing for 20 seconds and then just go one-on-one and not getting a very good shot. You can still be deliberate and run some clock without completely abandoning your offense.

Unfortunately, this has also been their strategy for much of the year when they have had the last possession in a quarter and it has not been all that successful then either. In past years Lindsay has been very good at that and probably has earned coach McGraw's trust to make the right decisions in those situations but, in my opinion, it has not panned out that well this year.


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