by Domer65 (2017-03-20 07:00:51)
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We all knew the importance of Turner to this team but this was painfully obvious to the anyone watching the game once Turner left the game with an injury. A couple of our defenders are a step slow in reacting and without Turner as a backstop Purdue was able to make far too many layups and 5 foot shots. The team played their hearts out and accomplished a well deserved win but I fear that without Turner our tournament run will be short lived. Hopefully the MRI today will show nothing but it looked bad to me last night. With South Carolina having one of their stars out for the rest of the tournament and another player also injured last night, our side of the brackets looked like we would have a very reasonable chance to meet UCONN or Baylor in the Finals. This, however, assumes a healthy Turner and Allen.

This point is more of a question: In watching the men's games, most of the coaches have a few words of congratulations to say to each other after the games. Not so much with the women. Muffet and the Purdue coach barely tapped hands and I noted this in many of the women's games, although I mostly watch ND women's games. Geno and Dawn Staley seem to congratulate many of the other coaches but there is a distinct difference in the way the coaches interact in the men's games vs. the women's. Am I imaging this or do many of the women's coaches dislike each other?


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