Thank you! And a few comments follow...
by Fighting_Artichoke (2017-01-11 13:45:29)
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Great information.

Loyd has amazing athleticism. Really wish we could have seen her senior year.

Ali did fine, considering it was her first pressure minutes in college. Her other appearances were at the end of blowouts. I'm encouraged by her play. Sure she was nervous (she missed 2 FT's!), but she'll be less nervous next time. I hope we see her more in the first half of games as a substitute for Lindsay.

I agree on the tremendous upside of the team. I think Muffet is preparing this team for the long haul, not the short term. The rotation will tighten when she finds the rights combinations. Maybe there is a method to her substitution madness.

All of McGraw's Bench agrees that there have been too many forced entry passes. :)

The zone defense is a great option to have and it works against a lot of teams.

One more comment on substitutions: A few posters expressed frustration with Muffet's rule that if a player has 2 fouls in the first half, they will sit on the bench for the remainder of the half. Here are my thoughts:

1. As stated by ufl, maybe you could trust Lindsay (Miami game) to not pick up another foul, but sometimes the refs have other ideas. For example, there was a charge called on Brianna Turner in the Miami game that was terrible. I'm not claiming that the refs are biased against Notre Dame, but rather that they are fallible human beings.

2. Lindsay knew what the consequences of her picking up a second foul was and she still did it. If she was so good at controlling the number of fouls called on her, how did she pick up the first two? (This point was made by ram.)

3. Finally, If this had been a FF or NC game, Muffet would not have pulled her for the remainder of the half if ND needed her. The Miami game was expendable, as the real goal of the season is the NC. It ended up being a great experience for Ali and ND won the game, so it sure turned out well this time. And maybe Lindsay will be even more careful next time she is 1 foul away from getting yanked.


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