Paul VI Vaughn
by NOBBYDOMER (2017-01-10 21:44:52)
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Paul 6 played Good Counsel. Final score around 70-40 ( I left with a minute to go).
Vaughn 90 Hoop Gurlz teammates include Collins '18 HG 27 (Tennessee); Owusu PG '19 HG 12; Scott-Grayson '18 HG 11 (DNP Injury?)
Vaughn looks 2" taller than Collins who is listed at 6'2". Vaughn stronger build but not stocky at all very athletic. Vaughn runs the floor very well, good defensive presence but not a great jumper. Her offensive role for the most part was running the baseline and looking for an entry pass. Good hands. Did have a couple really excellent dribble/drives from the lane...good first step. Only saw one short shot on baseline from about 6' she rushed and stiff armed.
Just FYI, Collins looked quicker and took quite a few 12' footers in the paint. Really nice soft shot.
Owusu '19 PG looks really good. Very strong build, strong handle and very good shot (of course, we just signed Brown.
Good Counsel had a PG Chloe Chapman '19 HG 6. 5'7" very, very fast, smooth, great distributor, did not shoot from the outside.
Bottom line, Vaughn will be a solid contributor and fill a needed role but won't be taking over any games. The

Here's how the Washington Post described the game. (link)
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Thanks for the report. Love the description. *
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