D. Mabrey Leads Manasquan in Battle of HS Heavies
by dillon77 (2017-01-09 22:08:22)
Edited on 2017-01-10 09:59:46
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Like her older sisters who were dueling in Miami, high school junior (Class of 2018) guard Dara Mabrey also had an exciting and intense Sunday afternoon. She led her visiting Manasquan HS Warriors to a double-OT thriller over Long Island Lutheran. Both teams are ranked highly in both the Tri-State(NY,NJ and Conn.) and national polls, and both have loads of potential D1 players. The link has both a story and videotape highlights. Manasquan is in the white uniforms.

Dara Mabrey (#10) is very recognizable with her facial resemblance to Michaela and Marina, as well as her jump shot, and 6'1" forward Faith Masonious (#33, just a sophomore [Class of 2019])) is very powerful both inside and accurate with her shot up to the elbow. Lola Mullaney, a sophomore guard (#2)who transferred districts to play at Manasquan (a public school) also scored in double figures.

I've got no idea if there is any interest between Mabrey and Notre Dame, but it's top-flight HS basketball and thought the board might be interested to see what's happening in the Tri-State area, as well as with players who have connections to programs ranging from ND and St. Joes to UConn. (Faith Masonius and her sister are cousins to Manasquan starting point guard Stella Clarke, and are coached by Clarke's mother in the summer. Her mother went to St.Joes, knows Muffet and has worked with Geno A. in the past. Masonius' older brother plays hockey in Storrs. Lot of Husky connections, but all of it is interconnected.)

As you can see, Masonious is tall and sturdy, and is another of those forwards who can bang and shoot the elbow jumper. LI Lutheran is a private school which can (and does) recruit. They, too, have a number of D1 prospects, including leading scorer Celeste Taylor. These two schools are apparently going to be in a showcase in NJ on January 29th at Holmdel HS. I might head down to see them and others.

Wow. Thanks for posting. Little Mabrey looks tough! * *
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Dillon thinks we get to vote on scholarship offers!
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I don't think anyone was seen or heard of an official interest between ND or Dara but she gets included in every one of Dillon's prospect updates.

It would be hard for me to believe that coach McGraw would say no if Dara said she wanted to come to ND but who knows. I don't think she would be a charity legacy, she definitely has skills.

I just wish she would get more time as a PG but her HS team already has someone there. Maybe AAU team will need a PG who can also fill it up.

That's Not a Bad Idea....
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...I still have a year left paying off my 2nd tuition at ND so it would gratifying to have some input on something besides the university's bottom line and a prayer at the Grotto on All Saint's Day :-) And since we're also examining entry passes and the like, why not move into the last two recruiting picks for 2018?

Now, taking my tongue out of my cheek and looking at the list we compiled a few weeks back for 2018, we're down to guard Christyn Williams(Arkansas) and post Shakira Austin (Virginia), to the best of my recollection. (and maybe guard Izabella Nicoletti of Argentina via North Carolina). Given how tight the doors are in the Joyce Center, I see nothing wrong with some exposure and a little conjecture now and then on overall prospects.

Besides -- as you know -- I do get to see NJ HS basketball every so often and I've seen some great Shore Conference games already (Manasquan, Rumson/Fair Haven). If Dara or Faith Masonious end up elsewhere (and probably will), tip of the hat and just enjoy WCBB in general.

Enjoy the tape...a lot of those players can shoot!

Celeste Taylor
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Is the one you should be watching in the video. She is ranked #20th by ESPN in the 2019 Class. She has interest from everyone.

She's Very Good....
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and is currently leading LI Lutheran in scoring. Very solid program out there that has been producing D1 talent for years.

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