Put the Observer to Good Use
by AtlaNDa (2005-11-09 01:07:25)
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  In reply to: your greatest campus prank?  posted by FightOnForMorrissey

On the way back to Holy Cross Hall from a Football or Hoops game, my buddies and I noticed about 8 untied stcks of the Observer in the entry hallway of O'Shag. We went and got my car (a Pumpkin Orange Plymouth Horizon) and drove it right in front of O'Shag and loaded the stacks in the hatch. We then proceeded to drive on the sidewalks on the South Quad in front of the old Business Building to the Main Quad ultimately cutting between Sorin and Sacred Heart on our way back to Holy Cross. When another friend, who lived in a single, was out at class the next day, we got into his room. We proceeded to crumple up every page of newsprint from the stacks of Observers and threw each crumpled piece into his room. When we were done, the entire room was buried in crumpled newspapers up shoulder leverl. The look on the guy's face when he open the door was priceless. we then proceeded to spend the next hour taking turns diving off his bed into the mosh pit of newsprint.


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