Here are a few...
by Naughman (2005-11-09 01:07:25)
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  In reply to: your greatest campus prank?  posted by FightOnForMorrissey

Sorry, this got long...

1. Our freshman year, the head RA in our dorm was a real jackass, and announced his presence with authority, so to speak, early in the year. So we took a carton of milk from the dining hall one day and left it in our room until the very end of the year. Then we took the milk -- the carton was bloated and on the verge of explosion by this point -- and wedged a dining hall tray underneath the edge of his door, then poured the milk out using the tray to funnel it onto the carpet just inside his room. It stunk up the entire floor like nobody's business. They had to keep all windows in that wing open for the entire week.

2. Water balloons were also a preferred medium of pranking, and one of my friends had a powerful balloon launcher made with surgical tubing. We used to set up in perch in the corner of the dorm and target unsuspecting students walking about campus late at night (usually B-P residents). It was all pretty stealth because the hits were long-range and none of the victims rarely suspected that the balloons could be coming all the way from a dorm room. Fisher Regatta was always a good time for water balloons, too, especially when you filled them with a water/maple syrup mix. Good luck cleaning that mess off.

3. One of my roommates (who shall remain nameless for legal purposes) was a bit of a klepto...actually, he was the biggest malcontent ever. He didn't really want the booty, he simply craved the excitement in wreaking havoc. He used to steal things from teacher lounges, including one of those large insulated coffee dispensers with a spout. It said "Hayes-Healy Lounge" or something on the side in permanent marker, and we would serve batches of mixed drinks out of it during parties. Once after some interdorm altercations, he also soaked a large cardboard box in lighter fluid and burned right in front of Zahm, resulting in a fire truck barreling onto North Quad in the middle of the night to put it out.

His most memorable heist related to the vending machine in our dorm, which was just down the hall from our room one year. This was far too inviting a target. He removed a bolt in the top of the machine and then rigged up a wire hanger so that he could slip it inside the hole and knock candy bars and the like out the bottom. He got pretty handy with the hanger and did this on a weekly basis, and vending machine sales hit the crapper because some of the slots had an empty hole in front where he'd knocked the item out...who's going to pay $0.50 for nothing? The vending guy would show up every week and curse to himself, but he couldn't figure out how my buddy was getting into the machine.

After about 6 weeks, he finally found the hole and patched it with something that my friend couldn't remove. So one night the following week, he and another friend decided to simply muscle the machine for the last big score. They all but tipped the machine over while I stood watch down outside the room, and made a hell of a ruckus as practically every item fell to the bottom of the machine. I've seen some funny things in my life, but I'm not sure anything compares to watching these two guys running up the hallway at 3:00 am, each attempting to carry their weight in vending product. Then the idiots divvied up the score in the room and ate about half of it immediately after. And, yes, left the discarded wrappers right there in our garbage. How that whole incident passed on without a bust, I'm still not sure.

4. Similar to the bed prank that Jvan mentioned, the best one that I ever heard of took place a year or two before I got to campus. Some guys I knew lived in a room together and one of the guys was terribly anal about his belongings. Everything had to be in its right place, and the other roommates were getting annoyed. So one night while the kid was asleep, the roommates quietly snuck out everything in his room -- desk, wardrobe and all else -- and set it up in the community bathroom exactly as he had it arranged in his room. He was a notoriously bad morning person and would walk around in an unconscious haze for the first 15 minutes, so when he awoke, he didn't realize what had been done. Of course, he stumbled directly to the bathroom and saw all his items before him. Good stuff.


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