I've got it!! perfect new name for ND
by abqgant (2007-03-10 13:12:03)
Edited on 2008-10-20 22:21:50
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  In reply to: Is it time to drop the "Irish" nickname?  posted by ndoldtown

Fighting (but sober) kraut, mick, pollack, guinea irishmen

it's a little long but doesn't leave out any of the important aforementioned groups

crusaders brings to remembrance the actual crusades--that is politically incorrect to the max--don't you know what a travesty it would be to offend muslims in this day and age

in fact, i believe i just saved your life because as soon as the name was changed to Fighting Crusaders, every muslim worth his salt would take a blood oath to behead you

no need to thank me, i'm nothing if not helpful and concerned for your welfare


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