The next person who makes a comment about how ND girls
by DomerJD (2006-09-26 16:33:27)

are ugly is gonna get kicked in the goddamn fruitstand.

Consider you short, skinny, jean short wearing asses on notice, fucksticks. If you attempt to compare me to some skank-ass sorority bitch from some Florida school and tell me that I should aspire to be like her, you better fucking listen close for the footsteps approaching. I'm stealthy like a ninja and I'm gonna go America all over your Penthouse-reading, stripper-loving, misogynistic ass.

And by the way- there's probably a reason why you think that girls whose bodies resemble those of prepubescent boys are sexy. Think about it, cocksucker.

If you don't like girls who are smart, funny, well-dressed, pretty, booze-loving, ND football enthusiasts like the girls that I knew at ND because they don't whore themselves out like a FSU cowgirl, then fuck you.

And believe me, I was there too. For every smokin' hot Tommy Z or Dan O'Leary (to throw back to my era) there were about 500 skinny little geeks who would rather sit around playing Playstation and jerking each other off than talk to a real, live girl. So fuck OFF.