So, here's my attempt to squeeze 40 days of NDNation into one post.
by NDDL99 (2006-02-28 23:20:18)
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Last gasp before Lent.

Day 1, Back Room: I post re: why do some Catholics wear the ashes all day on their foreheads, and some not at all, and some wipe it off mid-day. Karl(1of1) has the correct answer. I suddenly feel less holy for wiping my ashes off at 10:00.
Day 2, Back Room: I read a few (oYo) posts, and feel bad about it. I then give up (oYo) for Lent, unless that (oYo) involves Mrs. DL99.
Day 4, Back Room: Read a few ACross posts about how much Southwest and Maxim suck. Unfortunately, I can't disagree, though I desperately want to.
Day 5, Back Room: Someone laments that the Board has "gone downhill."
Day 6, Rock's House: I stumble upon an actual football post. Of course, it's about defensive line recruiting.
Day 7, Back Room: I post a random one-liner about Bush. No one laughs. My ego is hurt, so I get back to work.
Day 9, Back Room: I cannot resist more (oYo). God smites me.
Day 11, "off day." I only log into Rock's House 37 times before lunch.
Day 12, Back Room: wetbird and I discuss classical music. Three other people join in. That's all the culture we get this week.
Day 15, Back Room: poll about favorite beer. I'm too ashamed to say "Cubs Can 16 oz. Old Style."
Day 16, Back Room: post about Tivo
Day 17, Back Room: There are several posts today about boob size. I am glued to the computer all day, but am reluctant to post because I'm at work.
Day 18, Back Room: post about which HDTV is the best
Day 19, Rock's House: Robby Parris gets injured again in a high school basketball game. Damnit. He recovers in 7 minutes, though, and subsequently runs a marathon.
Day 20, The Pit: Bitchin' about Brey again.
Day 22, Rock's House: Omaha posts something. I study it for 2 hours and commit it to memory. I then repeat its contents to a couple friends who aren't aware of NDNation. They think I'm a genius, and Mrs. DL99 just rolls her eyes.
Day 25, Rock's House: I become the 22nd person to concur in a post evidencing that Bill Diedrick continues to suck ass.
Day 27, Back Room: I answer a random legal question. The Plaintiff loses.
Day 28, Back Room: BeijingIrish post about European dignitaries and such. Cripes, I've got to get out of my apartment.
Day 29, Wailing Wall: I post something angry about Brey. I feel bad and erase it 10 minutes later after I've thrown a few things.
Day 30, Back Room: nothing happens today. I reload 82 times to make sure.
Day 32, "off day." I sit down to read a book, and fall asleep 15 minutes later.
Day 33, Rock's House: Death says "all is well." This actually makes me feel better.
Day 34, Rock's House: Some newbie gets mauled. I join in the mauling. I then feel bad about it and erase my post 10 minutes later.
Day 35, Olympic Board: I read that we did something awesome in some random olympic sport, again. I forget about this 10 minutes later.
Day 37, Back Room: (oYo) again. Someone says her boobs "must be fake." This person has never actually seen real boobs, and is ridiculed immediately.
Day 38, Rock's House: some nugget about a spring football practice is revealed. Everyone dissects it ad nauseum, until it's determined that George West will in all likelihood start at tight end.
Day 39, Back Room: Bush's approval rating is 12% according to recent CBS poll. It is widely recognized in the Back Room that he is a hero.
Day 40, Back Room: nothing happens. People actually spend time with their families for Easter... What the hell am I going to do all day now?

That was therapeutic. I can quit you now. Smite me if I show my face around here before Easter.


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