It's a great pity, how it ended in 1953, but...
by THA (2006-02-22 12:59:45)

In reply to: Hesburgh / Leahy  posted by Leahy doesn't alter the fact that your father was arguably the greatest college football coach in American history, with only one legitimate contender for that spot (and he also a Notre Dame coach). Of course, I was only old enough to follow one of those unbeaten teams, the 1953 unit, which remains my favorite ND team. Coached to a merciless (for its opponents) near perfection. It would have mopped the field with Maryland had they met in a bowl game.

I well remember the shock of F.L.'s departure among ND fans, whom I had just recently joined as a child member. I even recall some of his "interventions" in the press, during 1956. As I recall, they were usually identified as attempts to needle the team into performing better than they had been doing that miserable year.