At his inaugural presser as prez, Hesburgh was given a football...
by Scoop80 (2006-02-22 12:59:45)
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and asked to imitate a center snapping the ball. He responded: "Would you ask the prez of Yale to do that?"

The man was about 35 at the time. He obviously decided that he was going to break the mold for ND prez's, and he did so across the board (mistakenly w/ FB). I suspect that, given his lack of knowledge about the subject, he honestly thought that the program was strong enough that hiring a coach w/ no head coaching experience beyond HS would work.

The odd thing about Brennan is his 3d year, which remains the worst in school history by a wide margin. His record his first 2 years was slightly better than Parseghian's. His 4th year, w/ the big win at Norman, was decent, and the 5th year might've been tolerable under other circumstances. The 3d year is what doomed him.

The thing to truly fault Ted/Ned for occurred your sr year. Given their experience w/ Brennan, I'm not sure what made them think that someone who had NO coaching experience of ANY kind on the collegiate level could handle the job. Hesburgh was contemplating retirement about that time--I seriously doubt that the BOT considered any HS principals as his replacement.


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