It was definetly a different era. ND was still all male.
by IAND75 (2006-02-14 21:27:37)
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An Toastal weekend had scheduled parties for each dorm section. There were organized trips for high school and college girls from Chicago and the surrounding areas. The girls would pay a fee for which bus transportation, hotel rooms, meals, and tickets to a Saturday basketball game and Saturday night concert were included. Also included was a party in the designated section. Part of the fee the girls paid was given to the section to buy kegs for the party. (I can't imagine allowing my daughter to do any such thing, but there were literraly hundreds, if not a couple thousand girls who would come for that weekend.)

Our section's school was a senior high school class from Chicago. Their bus had mechanical trouble on the trip and was late. By 9 pm we went ahead and tapped the keg. They arrived around 11 pm. All the guys had their beer goggles on by then.

Two of my roommates were particularly plastered and immediately hit on two of the girls. I had enough sense remaining to see that this was not a good idea. It was later acknowledged by several of my section mates that they had independently come to the conclusion that one of these two bore a striking resemblence to the monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. The other wasn't as cute.

While they had an "enjoyable" evening with their new found friends, the next afternoon when the girls arrived to go to the basketball game with them was a shock. They had promised the girls they would go to the bball game and the concert with them. They couldn't escape.

The girls then wanted to stay with them on Sunday. They weazled out. The girls had their names and room numbers and would write their new "true loves" multiple times a week. The one guy wouldn't write back. The other did respond frequently, but pretending to be the other. It took a good two months to finally undo what had been caused by the mechanical failure of that bus on a Friday night.


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