Few years back
by Bingo (2006-02-14 21:27:37)
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  In reply to: Great Moments in Domer Dating History  posted by DomerJD

Me and 3 friends make the trek from Orlando to Clearwater Florida. We get to the hotel at about 2 in the afternoon check into our room and get ready for a nice party weekend. As we head to the room we notice two hotties swimming in the pool, we figure their will be plenty of time to hit on those chics, so we start drinking heavily Miller lights, and shots of goldschlager, feeling really good. I hadn't eaten that day and begin to feel lets just say "rough". The plan is for us to head into Tampa and party at eybor city. Before we go I really start feeling bad, and decide I better relax tonight, and hit it hard tommorow. Friend #1 says he doesnt feel like going, and is going to hit a small bar near the hotel. Well friends #2, and #3 call us wimps and head out. On there way they stop by the pool and talk to the hotties. Get total rejection, it was ugly as I watched from our balcony. They leave I lay down and fall asleep. About 2 hours later friend #2 comes in and says its a suasage fest down at the bar, but those 2 hotties are back at the pool. I agree to go down and speak with them, as I have ate somthing by this point and am feeling much better. We invite them up to the room and begin drinking. Friends #2, and #3 come back early to find me making out with one of the chics, and friend #1 attempting to make out. Friends #2, and #3 get pissed and kick girls out I follow them and am explaining that their just being asses and that they will get over it. After about 30 min. I hear gun shots, and we race back to our respective hotel rooms. I find freind #1 sitting there saying I can't belive it, I can't believe it over and over. After about 5 minutes of this friends #2, and #3 burst into room saying that they just saw someone shooting at a car. Confused I asked them how they saw that, and they proceed to inform me that they were leaving myself and friend #1 because we pissed them off, but have decided to stay now that there is gunfire. After that they got over being rejected, and we had a great weekend. I hooked up with said girl on night number 2.


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