So, my roomamte tells us he is engaged our senior year.
by RiversideIrish (2006-02-14 21:27:37)

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We all scream bloody murder because the chick is a flat out bitch. None of us can stand her. We basically figure that the only reason he is doing this is that he lost his virginity to her. But he is adamant that he loves her and they are going skiing for the weekend to celebrate. Mistake #1

Turns out she gets sick and cant go, my buddy has already paid so someone has to go. I am busy, so our other roommate goes. Mistake #2.

Saturday night the bitch and her sister(for sake of argument is good looking and not a bitch) show up at a little party we are throwing. She's not sick. We shrug and keep doing tequilla poppers and playing caps. Gets late I hook up with her sister. The bitch has disappeared and I haven't noticed as we depart to my room. Uh oh. Mistake #3.

Sunday morning "engaged" roommate returns early. Mistake #4 He misses his fiance. Goes into his room and she is happily sick, naked with some guy. All hell breaks loose. End result. Cops, three arrests, hospital bills, and no marriage.

Funny thing is her sister kept showing up at our parties and she seemingly hooked up with everybody. I gotta call my buddy and see if he ever did?!?