Ok, last one that I can share....
by akaRonMexico (2006-02-14 21:27:37)
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  In reply to: Great Moments in Domer Dating History  posted by DomerJD

First semester freshman year I meet a girl at a party, we drink way too much, she gets tired and asks me to walk her home. About half way there I black out and have no recollection until the next morning.

Fast forward to senior week four years later when one of her roommates corners me and tells me that they have had a nickname for me ever since. She informs me that everyone of her friends called me "Lightpost" because apparently at some point while walking her home I pinned her up against a lightpost and made out with her with reckless abandon. Her roommates were all up in their room watching from the window. Until that point I honestly thought I was a gentleman and just walked a drunk girl home.

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