Uh oh, it's story time.
by wooderson (2006-02-14 21:27:37)
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  In reply to: Great Moments in Domer Dating History  posted by DomerJD

Ah the 2001-2002 SMC sophomore class formal...at Beacon Bowl. We begin the night by grabbing a cab over to SMC to pick up my gf (date for the night), her 4 friends, and head up to Castle Point. Someone decides it's a great idea to do shots of tequila, and within 60 minutes, 5 guys are trying to objectively determine which of the 5 ladies that night has the best "endowments". I have pictures of this. For bonus point they decided to hold a thong contest, and were none to shy about displaying. this comes into play more later.

in order to catch the last bus from SMC to the bowling alley, we couldnt' wait for a cab, so we all hopped in two cars and hit about 80 getting to campus. We get there, and we have our first casualty as one ofr the 5 girls falls out of the car, pukes on the sidewalk, and is deemed unable to get on the bus. We get on, someone behind us pukes, thigns are going great right now. after a ncie little 20 minute ride to the alley, we stumble. My gf and her roomie and best friend make a pit stop in the bathroom. this is where the second casualty comes in, as gf's freind passes out on the can. my gf, meanwhile manages to have ruined her thong in the earlier contest, as it snaps, and she tosses them out to her roomie who looks at me in horror. I just shake my head and thank god I'd brought a pepsi bottle full of rum to get me through this. passed out friend gets dragged out by her date, we're down to 3 couples, and it's 11:15. at the latest. a bit of bowling ensues, a littlem ore drinking, along with about 1000 of the drunkest people I have ever seen. just as the lights go on, I'm rolling my last ball, hoping to break 25 on the night. No such luck, as my blitzed GF pulls a Terry Tate and tackles me down the lane. unfortunately, my shin caught on the gutter, and ripped open about 3 inches. Gushing blood, I hobble to the bus, vowing never to set foot on SMC again. we finally make it back to mccandless (this story keeps getting worse), sneak in past security, and my gf passes out. well previously passed otu friend had been dropped off by her date in my gf's room, and mistakes me for either a teddy bear or a space heate,r cause when I wak up the next morning, I'm not spooning my gf, but her. thankfully, gf let it slide, but oh my what a night.


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