Two roomates camping out for football tickets
by Cherith Cutestory (2006-02-14 21:27:37)
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  In reply to: Great Moments in Domer Dating History  posted by DomerJD

Friends of mine, one year ahead of me. Before they starting moving the deal inside, and when they still let everyone drink unabashed until the wee hours of the morning outside of the JACC. One of my first big parties at ND.

Anyways, both friends get drunk on Aftershock and Icehouse and begin to attract a group of girls, who think they are incredibly funny at this point in the night (round about 3:30am). True to form, both friends start to make their move with this girl in the hopes of coaxing her into one of their respective sleeping bags.

The competition continues for about an hour, until Friend #1 emerges victorious, and the young lass follows him into his sleeping bag. Friend #2 is disappointed, and wanders aimlessly for about 15 minutes looking for another willing participant before finally giving up.

So Friend #2 goes back to his sleeping bag, which was right next to Friend #1 and his new overnight buddy, who are clearly enjoying each other's company underneath the open sky. Friend #2 lies down and expects to pass out. Friend #1, meanwhile, figures out quickly that the girl does not intend to "seal the deal" with him, but rather offer to waive him directly to 3rd base. So, Friend #1 happily allows the young lady to round the bases for a triple. She leaves shortly thereafter, without even giving her name.

In the morning, Friend #1 speaks with Friend #2 about their night. But Friend #2 has a secret. Turns out, Friend #1 wasn't the only one enjoying the young lady's penchant for driving in triple-baggers. After Friend #2 laid down, a myserious painted-fingernailed hand crept into his sleeping bag and proceeded to practice base-running. She was "driving triples" down the third base line for both of them--at the *same time*

After that, she forever became known as "the Downhill Skiier."

You figure it out.


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