The Great urinating guy Debate
by VisitsToBedlam (2006-02-14 21:27:37)
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  In reply to: Great Moments in Domer Dating History  posted by DomerJD

There was a running debate among a group of my friends about a guy (whom none of us guys in the group really knew). This guy had late night drunken hook ups with two gals in this particular group, both engagements sharing one disturbing characteristic. After each hook up, and after girl falls asleep / passes out in her bed, she wakes up to find the guy had urinated (one time in the middle of the bedroom floor, one time in a dresser drawer) and left in the middle of the night. They later learned of at least one other girl (who they didn't know well) that had the same experience with the guy.

We had a vigorous debate as to whether this was (a) intentional territorial pissing (mostly the guys taking this position) or (b) accidents that he couldn't control (mostly girls taking this position). Corresponding opinions as to why he didn't call / avoided the girls after this was (a) he's a dick, versus (b) he's too embarrassed.

A few years after graduation I was at a bar with a bunch of random ND folks, and there was this guy that I thought I recognized but couldn't place. After talking to him for awhile, it finally hit me - I'm talking to the pee-ing guy. I couldn't resist; I asked if it was him and why he did it. He was mortified - and I realized I was wrong and the girls were right.


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