Austin316 should really tell this one ...
by DeBo (2005-11-09 01:07:25)
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  In reply to: your greatest campus prank?  posted by FightOnForMorrissey

... but it doesn't look like he's on the board anymore and I know he'd be disappointed if this story wasn't told. I was a witness to the results, not the acts. In fact the 3 guys who did this never told us how it was done until after we all graduated.

One of Austin316 and my good friends built a contraption that allowed them to break into any dormroom in Keenan. One night Austin316 and these 2 other guys broke into our other friends' party room and turned every piece of furniture in the room upside down. The next night they put every piece of furniture in the hallway. I think eventually furniture found its way to the showers. Finally the victims started having someone in their party room at all times to keep anything from happening to their stuff.

I probably leaving out some important details. Hopefully Austin316 can fill 'em in later.


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