Imagine the scene, Part II
by Bacchus (2006-01-10 00:30:02)
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Fasano: Laura's outside.

[Quinn doesn't want to see her.]

Fasano: I promised; she said it was urgent.

[Quinn nods.]

Quinn:All right. Apologize to Shark.

[Fasano exits and Laura Quinn steps in impatiently, followed by A.J. Hawk.]

Quinn: I said I would see my sister alone.

Hawk: I think this concerns me too. [Taking a THG pill from a bottle, then tentatively offering one to Brady] You don't, do you?

[Laura steps forward, kisses Brady on the cheek.]

Laura: How are you, honey? You've met A.J., haven't you? He was with me in Phoenix.

Quinn: I saw him with you.

Laura: We're going to Negril next week. Weíre gonna shack up Ďtil the NFL combine. I wanted to see if you could hook me up with some more ND gear.

Quinn: Why do you come to me? Why don't you go to the bookstore?

Laura: And wait in those lines with the townies?

[Brady is silent. Then he rises and moves to the window overlooking the Golden Dome.]

Quinn: The grass stains from the Fiesta Bowl arenít even washed out yet. Your mother is worried about my Heisman chances. Your sisterís taking crap from her classmates at UVA. You desecrated my jersey on national televisionÖ

Laura: Brady...

Quinn: You fly around the world with brain-dead Buckeyes who don't have any love for you and use you like a jock-sniffing groupie.

Laura: You're not my father!

Quinn: Then why do you come to me?

Laura: Because I need the publicity!

Quinn: [softly] Laura, I want to be reasonable with you. Notre Dame is family. You can stay with us and you wonít be deprived of anything. I donít know much about A.J. I donít know why he had to go to OSU---how much they paid him. Why donít you tell him marriage is really out of the question and that you canít see him anymore. Heíll understand. But if you marry this Ďroid headÖit would disappoint me.

Laura: My name is Quinn, too. Iím entitled to market it how I want.

[She turns angrily, leaving Brady standing face to face
with Hawk.]

Quinn: Are you finished?

Hawk: I think so.

Quinn: Then out.

[Hawk lowers his eyes and leaves quickly.]


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