Once, several former players (with NC rings)...
by NedoftheHill (2005-12-15 11:14:55)
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  In reply to: Question for alum and students...  posted by nicevilleflirish

...stopped by our dorm room carrying several cases of beer. (They had lived in our room when they were at ND many years before.)

They provided the beer and some interesting stories, and we provided the parties that night. A fair and fun trade.

Someday I'll have to go back and return the favor to whomever is in my former room.

To answer the question, though, yes, it was normal to hang with the ones in your hall. But it depended on the person, just like with non-athletes. One player lived next door, and cherished his privacy; another lived down the hall and we had a hard time keeping him out of our party room. There were some people who just didn't socialize much, and some who did, regardless of whether they were a player or not. Some ROTC folks only partied with ROTC; some band folks only partied with band folks; some athletes (regardless of sport) stuck with athletes; etc.

Oh, and don't get in a wrestling match with an offensive lineman after a couple of beers.


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