Yes, for the most part
by Irish 01 (2005-12-15 11:14:55)

In reply to: Question for alum and students...  posted by nicevilleflirish

There are basically 3 groups of football players:

1) Guys you wouldn't know are on the football team b/c their best friends at school aren't on the football team.

2) Players that socialize equally with athletes & non-athletes, but if you run into them they are most likely with other football players.

3) Guys who rarely socialize with non-football players.

In my experience, 75-80% of the players fall into categories 1 & 2. Some guys, for whatever reason, don't care to be part of the regular student body. They typically aren't mean to "regular" students, but it is a shock if you see them with someone other than a football player.

Irish 01