I was a student from 1969 to 1973...
by HoundDog1973 (2005-12-15 11:14:55)
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  In reply to: Question for alum and students...  posted by nicevilleflirish

During my time under the Dome I knew several athletes well, both FB and BB players. It was quite commom to see them on campus: in the dining halls, in the dorms, in classes, at the library, at concerts, etc. There were always some who seemed aloof, but for the most part the players mixed with everyone else. Most had less time for socializing than the rest of us, and many were with teammates much of the time, but that was not unlike a lot of groups on campus. My son is now a soph at ND, and the same situation seems to exist. He knows several players casually, one of the BB starters lives on his floor, he is in class with a handful of FB players, has socialized with some, etc. I am under the impression that athletes at ND are integrated into the student body pretty well, more so than at most D1 programs that have athletic dorms, etc.


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