The process, not the candidate, should be the focus
by ACross (2005-11-09 01:07:26)
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Arguing the relative merits of a Super Bowl champion coach v. a Mountain West coach isn't productive. But discussing process is.

So let's not waste our time arguing about what coach would come here (as if anybody knew). Let's just assume they all would, if the price were right, and then focus on how to land one of those candidates and sell them on the job.

It's relatively easy to identify the candidates.

If we have an intelligent process, and it is managed by the right people, and the result is a Meyer hire, fine.

First, the person managing the process should be Purcell, chair of the BOT committee on Athletics. White has probably shot himself in the foot and probably should not be involved. Don't get me started about Monk.

Purcell should include perhaps two other people - Lynch, and perhaps Ara or Corrigan.

After their process is completed, it should go to Jenkins and the full BOT for a yes or no vote. That should be the extent of Jenkins' involvement.

Identify the 10 best prospects. Then approach them and don't even talk numbers, except to say that the deal will be commensurate with the position -i.e., at least as lucrative as their current position pays.

Then gauge reciprocal interest.

We aren't interviewing coaches. We are recruiting candidates.

No patronizing discussions about residentiality, knowledge of college game, or cross-examination of knowledge of NCAA rules.

We need to identify the best coaches, and then convince them to come.

The financial package should include a competitive salary (they should be the highest paid coach in college ball, it's the hardest job), plus perquisites that would appeal to the wives (use of lake house on Lake Michigan, use of condo on LSD), guaranteed admission of children into ND if they make 3.0 in HS and perhaps 1000 on SAT.

This is the endgame.


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