No need to shill. When it comes to recruiting, Notre Dame still holds
by 47oft (2005-11-09 01:07:26)
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the Big and Little Joker and trump Ace. Sell it. Sell Notre Dame. This, to me, is incredibly easy. I'm sure I could do it, and I couldn't sell Fido's ass to Spot.

Pick your top/dream 15-20 recruits. Walk into the family living room, and tell them "We're putting the band back together."

1) Assure them you are going to land 10-12 elite (4star or 5star) recruits, with the intent of raising Notre Dame back from its historical greatness to a present incarnation that will define college football for the next decade.

2) Promise them that, if they have the work ethic to match their talents, they will start a minimum of two years, will see significant playing time in their sophomore year even if starting isn't in the cards, and will not be denied as freshman just to preserve a year. "You aren't allergic to hard work, are you?" "Good, because all the greats, Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith, Joe Montana shared that similar trait beyond their natural ability."

3) Ask them what they know about Notre Dame football. Then rattle off things that may be floating in their minds - all time winning percentage (for now), most Heismans, most National Championships, the Four Horsemen, Win one for the Gipper, Rocket, Joe Montana, Knute Rockne, Touchdown Jesus. Ask them if they've heard of those things. "Only some of them. Sure, that's understandable. You're young to those events, and we've sat on our laurels for a while. Well, let me tell you, son, while you may not remember all of them, the college world does. ......... Did you know that we have a major network that broadcasts our home games? Did you also know that no other school has that - not Michigan, not OSU, not Miami or FSU, not USC or Oklahoma? Believe me, everyone one knows Notre Dame's history; and they are eagerly awaiting our return. ......... Did I mention that we are putting the band back together."

4) "Here's my guarantee. If Notre Dame returns to its historic glory - and I assure you that it's when not if, you will have an opportunity to share in legendary status. I say share because Notre Dame, unlike other schools, has the unique ability to propel multiple players into stardom at the same time. By the way, when you are a Notre Dame legend, it isn't fleeting. It's a forever thing, now, tomorrow as pro, after your pro career. Death can't even erase it. Of course, if you have an aversion to the limelight, this could be a problem."

5) "Here's the kicker. You cannot lose. We think you have an opportunity to be a great college player and an even greater pro, but success on the field is not a guarantee for anyone. What we do at Notre Dame that is different from other schools is guarantee that you will be a success in life and a success in business, irrespective of your football success."

6) "We're putting the band back together. It will take some self-confidence, some bravado, and some moxie to resist the promises of the other recruiters. Make no mistake that, though we ground our promises in history and reality, others will offer what they can deliver and what they can't deliver. So, here's what I want you to do when they are selling you the bill of goods. Don't see them. Instead, see Aretha Franklin in a pink waitress outfit and white apron, singing Think. Then, toss her your apron, and beat it to join the band ......... the band that we are putting back together."


Tailor the pitch as necessary but keep harping on the fact that we have our own network even when we stink. Every recruit should understand that no matter what negative recruiting is tossed at ND, the negative recruiter will have no answer for our having our own network because the answer is that everybody wants us to return to glory. We are money, and our players will share in the riches for the rest of their life.


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