Going to the Notre Dame school in London in '93....
by JHND (2005-11-09 01:07:26)
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When I was 10 years old, listening with the students to our guys kicking the crap out of FSU. And that was one of the first games I ever followed all the way through, because before that I was simply too nervous to do anything but pace in my room well away from a TV or radio. When I first started following Notre Dame football properly at the age of five ('88-'89), I really didn't understand that we were actually known to lose games every once in a while.

Staying up past 4am with school the next day listening to Notre Dame basketball and baseball games, and basically missing sleep altogether to hear Bob Davie do his best to soil Notre Dame football in the Fiasco Bowl.

Meeting Lou Holtz and having my picture taken with him while he was in Ireland for the '96 Navy game. Lou was probably the single nicest and kindest human being I've ever met, and for 10 years practically defined Notre Dame football and everything I loved about it. He sent us a Christmas card the same year, and a letter the same week he resigned from the job in '96, urging me and my brother to continue to work hard so we could come and see him again at Notre Dame as a student.

Coming to Notre Dame as a student, and seeing the injured yet still unmistakably present Notre Dame spirit still able to capture those students who weren't raised on Irish football since as long as they can remember. And finally, seeing the Notre Dame community come together to try and save what is so dear to so many people.


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