A Passion of My Soul
by The Flash (2005-11-09 01:07:26)
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  In reply to: The broken link: What has ND's football tradition meant to you?  posted by Board Ops

Those of you who attended ND have no clue what
ND means to those of us who would have given a
kidney to attend ND (let alone play football
for the greatest university in the world) but
could not. I don't feel jealous. I just feel
ready to replace any one of you the moment you
show the slightest sign of not appreciating the
blessings you received, which is what I would
do in a heartbeat with 70% of the people in the
football program today.

I am absolutely certain I love ND more than my
older brother who got the chance that I did

The highest compliment I ever received in my
life came from an ND alum who said, "David,
you are a true ND man."

In my next life I'm coming back graced with
mercurial speed, and I'm going to play wide
receiver for the Fighting Irish. Maybe by
then the Spirit of Notre Dame football will
have finally returned to breathe life into
this storied program, because it is surely
lacking now.


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