by ndaero93 (2005-11-09 01:07:26)

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I don't think I can clearly articulate a single story that so eloquently displays ND concept. There are so many events that are only ND that pop into my head. Here are a few:

1. Growing up despising ND because my father and sister went to Marquette (and later learning what an inferiority complex was)

2. Opening my sense to ND for the first time in the fall of 1988, not because of the success the football team was having, but because of the way the ND folks presented the school at a college fair. Hearing them speak for one hour and I walked out and said to my parents, "That's where I'm going!"

3. Touring the campus in the summer between Jr. and Sr. year and seeing my mom run through a sprinkler because it was so hot outside that day

4. Looking up at the Dome and spending time at the Grotto on that same trip

5. Receiving my acceptance letter on my birthday - greatest present ever!!!

6. Cheering on MY ND in the Fiesta Bowl on 1/1/89 with my family and friends all around

7. Talking to my roommate for the first time over the summer before freshman year and sharing our ND build up

8. Seeing that #1 sign lit up on Grace Hall from DAY 1 and for many more weeks through out the next 5 years.

9. Seeing my 80 year old, 5 ft tall, Italian grandma screaming at the TV while watching ND football.

10. Knowing that my Dad taped and performed "analysis" worthy of omahadomer each game.

11. Junior Parents Weekend

12. Being able to count on both hands with using my thumbs each of ND's losses during my 5 years on campus, and being able to recite the situation surrounding each of those losses. Running out of room keep track of the victories

13. Unfortunately seeing the ND Family first hand with the outpouring of support from the campus as we packed the Sacred Heart after the Swim Team bus accident. Being there for our family (fellow students) and knowing that they would always be there for us in our times of need.

14. Being on the sidelines for the '92 Sugar Bowl and '93 Michigan

15. Filling out the form to have the "Thank you" note sent to my parents after graduation - seeing their eyes when they opened it. Knowing that over 10 years later, it still hangs as proudly over the desk in their family room as my diploma hangs in mine.

16. Mass - be it after a football game, in the dorms, or a regular Sunday.

17. Having a business associate see a picture of you and your 6 month old son under the Dome hanging over your desk last week and ask "Is that ND? Did you go there?" And then realizing that you have just connected with a fellow Domer and forged an immediate bond.

Forever Notre Dame