Memory from a game.
by tdiddy07 (2005-11-09 01:07:26)
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I may butcher this, but if so hopefully it will spark someone to fill in the cracks. I believe it was the Air Force game that Glenn Earl sent into OT with a blocked field goal. Anyway, there had just been a kickoff by the Irish after a score and somewhere in the play there was a little number 45 running down the field. "Hey it's Rudy I joked to my dad." He gave one of those smiles that dads do just to humor their kids. But then, interrupting my self-amusement, I realize that the announcers are actually talking about this guy.
Apparently, he was a player who, out of high school, received a few scholarship offers, but declined them to walk on to Notre Dame. After two years on the scout team, finally as a junior he made special teams kick off team and officially became a part of the roster. Apparently, one influence on his reason for walking onto ND was that his dad went here and played football for the Irish. As fate would have it, he was the player whose spot was taken in the '75 game against Georgia Tech so Rudy could dress. Over 35 years later, he found his son walking on to Notre Dame just like his hero, the guy who took his dad's spot, and wore 45 in honor of Rudy. And after two years of getting his butt kicked in practice, like Rudy, he finally accomplished his dream. Unfortunately, I didnt' remember the kid or the dad's name, but hearing that really touched me. All I could say was "Only at Notre Dame."


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