by Serge (2005-11-09 01:07:26)
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I was a student at" College de St-Laurent" in MTL
( the old French art Degree.....etc)
run by the CSC, I was 14th....& played for the college Basebal team.
( was not bad even had a tryed out with the Dodgers in 56)
Our HC was Father Bergervin CSC was a Franco American & a ND Grad

we were playing a Jesuit college .Like BC
before the game he talked a lot about Rockne...Gipper.etc
I had no idea what he was talking about & TOLD HIM.....
Poor me....LOL.after the game I had to sit with him in the Bus for 2h
to learn about ND Football.

After that, I started reading etc
watched ND on ABC on Sunday morning.etc

in 82 I got a 12' dish with C & K band
to watch ND Football.

I have seen ND Football in Moscow,Stockholm, London Sydney etc
in 94-95 on CNBC.( not available anymore.)

in 93 , the Michigan Game was stucked in Amsterdam
was on the phone with my Son for 3h, he described the game to me.
Still remembered..Kevin M......Touch down at the end of the 1st Half.
( an Option play)

my 3 kids - 5 grands Kids...all know on sat in the fall
You do not bother the old man.
They are all big ND FAN.

IN 86-87-88......etc
I used to have a special phone # to phone Lenning & Wallace
about recruting.....I was even Worsth then MNG.LOL
( in Canada..could not use their 900 #)
Still remembered when Lenning told me abour Ricky W. commitement.

Imagine........Our VP in LA was a USC Grad....
also our largest customer in the US was Boeing
1 of their Sr VP was from USC...in the 90
we talked a lot about football.

Walking in Moscour-Sydney with a ND Jackets.....
was often asked are you a ND Grad, went to a bar in Moscow in92
with a Russian ND Grad because of the Jacket...
also saw many ND Grad in Australia , just walking with ND Jacket.

Finally in 96 I interviewed a ND grad for a VP job.
he graduated in 68.
Started talking football.........he told me
1: "I did not go often to the game......"
2: he had no idea where we standed in 96

I did not hire.the....SUCKER....

Today I have 2 dished , to make sure I don;t misse any games.
10 min ago my Son in law.just took the book
about the 88 season..."Champion"

He used to be a Michigan Fan, he is not anymore.

Sorry if to long.



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