You have stated beautifully what ND means. It's hard to believe a
by IrishJoeinnc (2005-11-09 01:07:26)
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  In reply to: Lessons  posted by Gator77

university could be that important to you. It does, it means so much to me that I wished I hadn't been so meek and lacking in confidence that I never applied to ND. Who knows, maybe simply being on that campus might have been all the inspiration I would have needed.

Your post is so well worded that you can tell only a great university could have allowed you to say what many feel in our hearts in such a vivid manner. You are just one of many who realize that you may have been a far different person if you hadn't gone to ND.

Just reading about the grotto makes me wish I were on campus at this very moment. I'm not but I'm listening to the ND ladies. Every ND team is my team and will be against any team or in any year.


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