Michigan 1986
by SXSW (2005-11-09 01:07:26)
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  In reply to: I agree completely and I would add two games  posted by jt

I agree about the Michigan game in 1986. I was a senior. Having suffered through three years of Faust, there was an electricity and excitement and thrill in the stadium for that game that I will never forget. I remember jumping up and down, screaming my head off towards the end, amazed that we were hanging in there when, under Gerry, we so often had not. I was surrounded by my friends, all of whom were doing the same thing -- friends, by the way, that I have remained close to for twenty years now.

I remember Lou stepping off the sideline after ND scored at the end, swinging his leg to indicate that we were going to kick it and go for one PAT, not two. There was no hesitation, no vacillation. That small gesture told everyone that there was now someone in charge and that there would be no more gimmicks, no more inch-deep, Faustian, razzle dazzle. Notre Dame was going to play solid, tough, hard-hitting football again, kicking for one to tie the game up because Lou believed (even if the team didn't yet) that our defense was going to be able stop them and that we were going to get that damn ball back, march down that field, and win that damn football game.

And we almost did.

What a game. What a coach. What a rich awesome legacy is (or was) Notre Dame football.


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