It has meant
by John88 (2005-11-09 01:07:26)
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  In reply to: The broken link: What has ND's football tradition meant to you?  posted by Board Ops

1. Waiting 14 years between trips to South Bend to see the Irish due to military service following graduation.
2. It has meant keeping a submarine at periscope depth extra-long to get the news and sports broadcast to see how the Irish did the day before.
3. It has meant sprinting off the submarine in Greece to buy an international USA Today in 1992 to verify we didn't lose to MSU, contrary to the fake radio message my radiomen routed to me.
4. It has meant an annual first game picture with my three lovely children in their Irish best.
5. It has meant hours long road trips to Tallahassee, Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Rutgers and the Meadowlands just to see the Irish when I had no way of getting to South Bend.
6. It has meant getting up early every Sunday morning in the fall just to read and re-read every internet article I could find on yesterday's game.
7. It has meant a monumental buspool for my first game as a student to watch the Irish lose to Purdue in the Hoosier Dome Inaugural game in 1984.
8. It has meant a dozen nuclear power school ensigns huddled around my TV in January 1989 watching the Irish win the Fiesta Bowl.
9. It has meant restraining that same group of ensigns from destroying the TV when the cable went out earlier that season during the third quarter of the Miami game.
10. It has meant an undefeated home record as a senior in Lou Holtz's second year.
11. It has meant following that same Lou Holtz for 18 holes of golf at the Nestle Invitational Pro-Am. The reward for said following, an autographed Irish golf ball and an afternoon of pleasant chat with a great man.
12. It has meant much, much more to me and others who are likely more eloquent.



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