the earliest memory I have of sports
by bergen (2005-11-09 01:07:26)
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is ND football

I began going to the games when I was about three with my dad and his dad--both grads--that was over fifty years ago

Although I didn't realize just what it meant, the reverance for the school and its team was almost palpable in their discussions in my early years

As time went on, the dignity they spoke of---I saw---on the field and in the stands
.....the electricity I thought I had experienced fully, constantly was expanded at games that I went to and trips back to the campus

Then, it became mine

We won a National Championship----Ara---"the fieldhouse pep rallies"

Some of us ran a football from South Bend to East Lansing for "The Game"--stood in the freezing drizzle---I hitchiked from South Bend to LA the next week for the 51-0 thumping of the Trojans--slept on floors ---hitchhiked back---total trip cost 45.00

I sat again in Coliseum in 88---that same "life" and magic was there that I remember so well I first tasted when I was three---again in 93 for FSU---and I now believed it was the entity that my father and grandfather spoke about and cherished.

Now. I worry that on my watch, I may not be able to give "the life" to my children.

That would be tragic.


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