I wish I could remember more than this
by Tim Neely (2005-11-09 01:07:26)
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  In reply to: your greatest campus prank?  posted by FightOnForMorrissey

1. The time when friends of mine who lived down the hall in Cavanaugh stole the street sign from the intersection of Juniper and Bulla roads and put it up at an intersection of two sidewalks in the middle of the North Quad. Not malicious, just fun. That one made The Observer.

2. The same guys grabbed a "for sale" sign from somewhere off campus and put it in front of Cavanaugh Hall, on the side facing BP, right along the main sidewalk.

3. I related this on the Hoops Memories board. These same characters knew people at other schools. One of their friends, a Northwestern student, stole the "Purdue Pete" mascot from a Purdue-Northwestern hoops game the Saturday before. He crashed in my friends' room Sunday night, then showed up at the Monday night Notre Dame basketball game wearing the Purdue Pete mascot. And ND wasn't playing Purdue... The guy was chased off the court and nabbed by ND Security. The incident made the front page of The Observer the next day. Lots of high-fives all around about that one.

4. All the people who remember Kersten running for "king" reminded me of Mike Molinelli's "Molarity" comic strip and the year he had Jim Mole's terrorist friend (Chuck Mason) run for student body president. What started as a gag in the strip turned into a full-blow real-life campaign. The problem was that the pooftahs at Ombudsman, who helped run the elections, wouldn't allow his name on the ballot. That didn't stop 543 people from writing him in. None of those votes were official, of course, but he still got more votes than anyone else running except for the winners that year. We weren't allowed to announce that vote total, but we at OBUD counted them privately. So now it can be told.

5. I had many pranks pulled on me, especially my freshman year, because, frankly, I was kind of a dork. The one that really sticks out was the old "telephone repairman" gag, and I fell for it hook, like and sinker. Just before midnight on a Sunday night/Monday morning, one of my dorm mates called me, pretending to be the phone company, telling me that Bell Telephone was working on the line, and that the phone had to keep ringing until he was done or the repairman would be electrocuted. Well, I did just what he said. I let the phone ring. And ring. And ring. Meanwhile, I fell asleep as it kept ringing! About 1:15 am, well over an hour after this started, my angry next-door neighbor, who was putting up with this ringing phone as he tried to sleep, finally got so pissed that he practically knocked down the door trying to get at my phone. I heard him barge in, and that woke me up. I yelled at him, "Don't pick up that phone!!" But he refused to listen, and he picked up the receiver. As I lay there, I hear a piercing "OWWWWWWW!" on the other end. My roommate was nowhere around, and I later found out that he was in on it. By second semester, both of us were living in single rooms...


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