Beheading Stanford Bull
by FaustYears (2005-11-09 01:07:26)
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  In reply to: your greatest campus prank?  posted by FightOnForMorrissey

My brothers (early 70's) tell the Miceli bowling ball story and a couple of the Burtchaell stories.

My best personal was in early 1980's, after night of carousing I ended up in Stanford for one of the few times at ND. We came across a large stuffed bull and heisted it. Turns out it was the STanford mascot. This was during football season. We then sent put various ransom notes in Observer, which were not met. We then cut off an ear, later another ear, the tail and and eye at various intervals in the winter and mailed them to Stanford dorm officers.

I don't know if this tradition continues, but during An Tostal there used to be chariot races. DIllon's chariot was designed to look like a giant red penis. There was a parade on campus of all the chariots. We bought some plastic roman armor and a sword and dressed up our chariot driver. During the parade various dorms throw water balloons etc at you. We stopped our chariot in front of Stanford and were bombarded with water baloons, insults etc. Our driver than produced the earless, tailless, one eyed bull and cut its head off in front of STanford, then began shaking stuffing out of it as we pulled the chariot off. The howls of outrage were priceless.

Stanford tried to steal the Dillon flag in retaliation several times and after I graduated I heard they were succesful but campus security caught them before the could burn the flag.


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