There are many, great on the one hand and incriminating on the other.
by 47oft (2005-11-09 01:07:26)
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  In reply to: your greatest campus prank?  posted by FightOnForMorrissey

But, here's one.

The situation:

My senior year was to be the 2nd year of coed at ND, and consequently another two dorms received the floral treatment. In those days, moving off campus didn't have the allure that it might today, even for seniors.

Well, the refugees from those two newly designated female dorms were guaranteed on campus housing, groups of around 20 being assigned to each non female dorm. What that meant for our dorm (and I assume others) was that a number of current residents were going to be forced off campus through a lottery system. Juniors-to-be took up about a third of the hit, and seniors-to-be took the other two thirds.

Now, being as it was our senior year, we were assembling a 14 member section (8 seniors and 6 sophomores) that would ensure getting every last ounce out of our academic pursuits and mentoring the youngsters to carry on in a like manner. The newly constructed section was a combination of the Happy Hour section and the Out-Of-Control section from junior year, but of course without the evil influences of those who achieved the aforementioned names.

Unfortunately, I and two others from our group were lotteried off; and, unless enough of the higher seeds were deciding to move off campus, that was going to put a crimp in our study group. Alas, an informal poll determined that not nearly enough higher seeds were going to move off campus. Thus we needed to bring our ND education to bear.

The warroom:

Hey, it was Thursday, and that meant Barnaby's - mug club with 1.00 pitchers and pizza game. By the time we had each downed a pitcher of dark beer, won or lost in the pizza game, and scavenged leftovers from other tables, we had the germ of a plan. We fleshed it out and executed it to perfection.

The plan:

We gathered three of our friends (from among the evil influences previously mentioned) who were planning to move off campus and asked their assistance. There were six rooms in the section, and we used the top lottery picks (including one of those helping us) to grab each room, picking roommates from the lower seeds and sophomores. It didn't matter because we were going to reshuffle the rooms anyway, needing a lounge - make that a study lounge.

On three occassions, we executed the plan. My junior roommate, who was moving off campus, picked a double in the section and brought my brother (sophomore) in as his roommate. They both put down 50.00 deposits. Then when all picks were completed, out of the kindness of their heart they forced me in, making the double a triple; and I plunked down my 50.00 deposit. The university loved this because they got three rents where they expected two.

However, when it was time to sign the contract later in the week, my brother and I did so; but the guy that picked the room declined, saying he decided to move off campus, and got his 50.00 back. My brother and I were inked, and the university could not force in a new third roommate because all forced situations had to be agreed to by all parties.

The follow-up:

People were pissed. Many of our dormmates thought we cheated and should use the traditional kiss ass method for getting ahead. (They spent their time hanging out with the rector, humoring him while indulging in the food and beverage he kept in supply. We just quoted Mick Jagger to them.

We also heard that Fr Riehle voided the entire deal, but nobody wanted to change the outcome. So we let the university save face while we just got faced (although we fully understood that the university could have screwed us had they so desired).


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