by TUCIRISH (2005-11-09 01:07:26)
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One more, as a Freshman I lived next door to a fantastic stoner who kept a Parrot in his room. He used to get it stoned and take it to the shower, never found out. Dillon Hall.

Anyone remember a guy by the name of Paul Peralez?

Senior year broke into a friend's room repeatedly throughout the semester and would unscrew his thermostat with peppers and summer sausage, also hide it under his bed in the pockets of the pants he never wore. Women would come in, complain about the smell, near the end of the semester the guy was burning so many candles to help the smell nearly lit the place on fire.

Also Sean Horner, remember that kid. We used to start fires in his rec. room while he was asleep. see him come running and screaming out of his bunk to try and put the fire out.


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