another golf cart story
by ndgolf01 (2005-11-09 01:07:26)
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  In reply to: Campus Carts  posted by Nappy

Yours reminded me of my friend Bubba who decided to steal a cart one late wednesday night at like 3am. Somebody gave him the key to the cart but not the key to the chains, thinking he would say "screw it" when he found out it was chained. No no no, not Bubba. As it turned out, he could get the cart to drive forward, backward, but only turn one direction. Good enough, right? So, after many strategic turns, he ends up across 31 at St. Mary's at 3 in the morning within minutes after he figures the cart out. He picked up a few random drunks on the way apparently too. Now you have to remember, Bubba is thinking that there is absolutely nothing wrong with what he is doing the entire time. Well, he arrives at a St. Mary's dorm and calls up to his friends to come down and "go for a ride! C'Mon it'll be great!" After much pleading, he finally gets it into his head that the girls aren't coming down so he heads off in the cart again. About halfway down St. Mary's Dr., he gets pulled over by a security guard. Again, he thinks he has done nothing wrong. The cop questions him a little and Bubba says, "OK, sorry, I'll just take it back to where I got it." That didn't fly over too well and he ends up in the back of the security car. He blew something like a .25. Gets in a lot of trouble with Student Affairs but never got kicked off campus. Lucky son of a bitch.


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