NO way I can live up to all of those, but...
by Irish 01 (2005-11-09 01:07:25)
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  In reply to: your greatest campus prank?  posted by FightOnForMorrissey

Here are a few from my days under the Dome:

Initiation to the cross country team...We had to go on a morning run the first football weekend my freshman year. This was the Rededication Game against GT, Davie's first. As we run around SMC, the pace suddenly slows. I really don't get it & then I am surrounded by upperclassman who remove my shorts...leaving me in whitey-tighties and no shirt. We still had to still run through most of SMC, across 31 & onto campus...which is packed with people for the game. It also happens that the band is marching. I am run through South Quad, trying my best to shield myself with other runners, & right along the band route. We run along with the in my whitey-tighties & every member of the XC team screaming..."OH MY GOD, THAT KID HAS NO PANTS ON!!!". As we rounded the JACC they finally gave my shorts back & threatened to kill me if Piane found out.

Witness- A kid passed out my freshman year in Dillon & a walk-on football player, who everyone who lived in Dillon from about '95 to '99 knows, stripped him naked & shaved his entire body. HTown, you probably know some great stories from said walk-on.

While the new SDH was being built we somehow figured out how to get in. So every night for a couple of weeks we would come home drunk, break into the dining hall & have some hot pockets, yo-cream, ice cream bars, etc. Our fun stopped when they finally built it up enough to keep us out.

Got a goat for my buddy's bday & brought it around to all the parties that night. Girls love goats...who would have known?

We had a wiffle ball game & cook out for Dillon on the same day as the Blue & Gold game. After passing out after the game & waking up to find the game going on outside our window, we decided it was a good idea to go outside & drink. Of course, half of the CSC is there watching. We get more & more drunk & begin to insist on cooking. Now we can't go back to the room, so we find a perspective & make him go on beer runs for us. My roommate then decides the hotdogs need some "beer flavor" & begins to pour beer on the dogs. Fr. Doyle quickly notices & we get busted.

Went to Mass at a girl's dorm & we were running a little late, so we sat outside the door waiting for someone to let us in. It was early in the year so all the chapel windows were open. As we waited, this Australian (i think) grad student comes up & waits with us. After a few minutes he screams, "JESUS CHRIST, ALL WE WANT TO DO IS GO TO FUCKING MASS". The door was opened immediately after.

After drinking for the Rutgers football game at our house, we proceed to the basketball game which was almost immediately after. I was completely shit faced & drinking as we went in the game. As usual, we were in the front row. For some reason a camera man & reporter decide they should interview me, (as my roommates tell me), about halfway through my slurred interview the national anthem begins. I put one arm around the camera man & the other around the reporter lady & start swaying to the national anthem. Not 10 seconds after tip-off, security removes me. Supposedly I blew a .232 & the cops drove me home. From there I was let in by a friend who passed out during the football game. I climbed up the stairs & instead of taking a right, take a left & pass out in my roommate's bed. Commence heaving...all over his bed. At least my bed was clean!

Irish 01


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