Not at ND but..
by Harry Oliver (2005-11-09 01:07:25)
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  In reply to: your greatest campus prank?  posted by FightOnForMorrissey

A friend passed in the bar. We were going to carry him back to the car so he could sleep it off, and we could party. Decided to put him in first unlocked car we could find, stripped him and left him in a Chrysler K car.
The people drving the car did not realize he was in the backseat until they were five miles from the bar. Scared shitless they left his drunk naked ass on the side of the road.

My roommate was in the marching band and was always late. He always had to hustle to make band practice. We decorated his van "Just Married" with cans, T.P., signs, he had to drive to practice and was forced to do so with his decorated car.

He got his revenge. I was on a tennis scholarship and one fall friday skipped practice to go to happy hour. My friend somehow got Letter Head from the A.D.'s office and sent me a letter telling me that my scholarship was going to be terminated. I was on the phone with the A.D's admin when I heard all of the laughing.

We had an all out war with the room next to us. We hated those guys. We somehow "aquired" a key to the room on our floor that had the power box.
We waited for exam week and found out that three of the four had eight A.M. exams. We turned off the power to there room. They all missed the exams.

My best friend got married since the wedding was in Georgia, we all stayed at the same Hotel. He got drunk passed out so we put him on a mattress and put him in the courtyard of this hotel. That morning he came up to the room drenched as the sprinklers had gone off. We were told never to come back to that hotel ever again.


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