Another Dillon Prank
by IrishMace (2005-11-09 01:07:25)

In reply to: your greatest campus prank?  posted by FightOnForMorrissey

While this one doesn't exactly garner headlines, it's still funny.

As most recent grads know, the dining halls sometimes have theme lunches. Usually these are crap, but they at least come with better desserts. My junior year (spring of '98) a group of Dillonites "relieved" SDH of four boxes of ice cream sandwiches, conveniently slipping out the side door facing Dillon. Unfortunately, they were apprehended by Fr. Doyle before reaching the safety of their room (it's just not your day when you can slip past the dining hall gestapo but randomly run into your rector). Fr. Doyle was nice enough to "forget" the incident, but he confiscated the goods (and kept it in his freezer).

The Dillonites would have their revenge, though. The next day, they called Fr. Doyle in his room posing as the director of Food Services. The office had become aware, they said, that he was in possession of stolen goods from the dining hall and were going to take this up with the office of Residence Life. Fr. Doyle was falling all over himself trying to get out of the mess when the guys finally let him off the hook. If I remember correctly, Fr. Doyle returned half of the booty to the guys for their efforts.

I paid Fr. Doyle a social visit a week later... he related this tale to me over ice cream sandwiches.